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Take Control of Your Smart Home Ecosystem

The rapidly growing world of smart home technology is missing one key component: Unity. With all of the different brands and products, having a smart home can quickly become a burden without a unified system to control everything. That’s where Mister Technology comes in.

Whether it’s with a smartphone, tablet, remote, wall-mounted hub, or even your voice, Mister Technology’s all-in-one Smart Ecosystem makes it easy to get the most out of your smart home.

Our All-In-One Hub Lets You Control:







Keep the Vibe Going With an Indoor/Outdoor Smart Audio System

Get the right vibe throughout your home with a Smart Audio System from Mister Technology. No matter what size or shape your room is, Mister Technology analyzes the acoustics and helps you select the best setup possible. With a variety of available speakers and subwoofers, from in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and subwoofers, to free-standing tower and bookshelf speakers, there’s nothing standing in the way of achieving the perfect sound.

Keep the vibe going outside this spring and summer with a Smart Outdoor Audio System. Our available outdoor and landscape speakers blend into your environment while producing crisp, bold sounds that really stand out. Seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem allows you to extend your entertainment to the great outdoors, allowing you to get the most out of your property.

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Set the Mood and Adjust the Ambiance With a Smart Lighting System

Smart devices, like indoor and outdoor lights and lighting fixtures, give you total control of the ambiance of your environment. A Smart Lighting System from Mister Technology allows you to adjust any light in your home, from wherever you are. Dim the lights, turn them on or off, and even change the colors of your bulbs, right from your smartphone, tablet, remote, wall-mounted hub, or voice.

Smart lights are also a great way to cut down on your energy spending throughout the year. The easy-to-use all-in-one smart home system lets you program your devices and create customized routines, allowing you to automate the ambiance of your house.


Create the Perfect Space for Entertainment With a Smart Home Theater

Take entertainment to the next level with a Smart Home Theater from Mister Technology. With state-of-the-art audio/visual technology, we can help create the perfect environment for you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Whether it’s for an auditorium or a single small room, Mister Technology has everything you need to create a stellar theater experience.

Control every aspect of your smart home theater, from lighting and sound, to video and climate, with the all-in-one smart system from Mister Technology. Whether you’re using our universal remote or your smartphone or tablet, take command of your entertainment.


Video Doorbells

Give your front porch an IQ boost with any of our video doorbell options, like Google Nest, Ring, and more. Adding a video doorbell to your home lets you conveniently monitor your deliveries, check in when you’re away at work or on vacation, and easily see who’s at your door from anywhere.

Video doorbells from Mister Technology seamlessly integrate with your smart home system, allowing you to intelligently monitor and control access to your home. You’ll wonder how you’ve gone all this time without a video doorbell.


Maintain Your Oasis of Comfort with an Ecosystem of Smart Home Devices

Maximize the comfort of your home with an Ecosystem of Smart Home Devices. Smart thermostats are one of the ways we give you control over your living space. Not only can you easily set and adjust temperatures throughout the day, but you can also create routines and day/night schedules to improve your home’s energy efficiency, lowering your heating and cooling costs throughout the year and reducing your carbon footprint.


Protect Your Home and Your Family With a Smart Home Security System

Invest in peace of mind with an integrated Smart Home Security System. Using a combination of devices, like smart door locks, video intercom systems, enhanced access control, and a variety of security cameras, Mister Technology turns your home into Fort Knox, with a brain.

Take control of your home security from the command center of your smartphone, tablet, or our universal remote. You can even check the camera feeds and security status while you’re out. With a smart home security system from Mister Technology, you’ll be able to go out in peace, knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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